Drupal4Design Boston – Dries, Design, Drupal and WordPress

The 2011 Druapal 4 Design conference in Boston left me with a lot to consider. Walking into the MIT Stata Center was a great start. My Content Management System Background After moving from a custom platform to Open Source development years ago, I felt it wise to choose one or two content management / development
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Most of you land here by clicking on the Bio link on Twitter. Thanks. I am Jim Spencer and my primary Twitter account is fairminder. I have 7 other accounts (BlogWranglers, WebPageAdvisor, LocalSEOAdvisor, BlogNitro, BlogArmour, JBS Partners, Jim Spencer and MarketingLocals, but only post duplicate posts to them. I joined Twitter April 3rd, 2007 and
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Firefox Sends CPU to 100%

I was an early user of Firefox and continue to support the Open Source browser.  Last year my computer (Dell Latitude E6500 running Windows XP) began to have problems keeping up with Firefox.  I recognize that I have a lot of very useful Extensions and a good number of Add-ons and a few plugins.  However,
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