Most of you land here by clicking on the Bio link on Twitter. Thanks.

Hi. I am Jim Spencer and my primary Twitter account is fairminder.

I have 7 other accounts (BlogWranglers, WebPageAdvisor, LocalSEOAdvisor, BlogNitro, BlogArmour, JBS Partners, Jim Spencer and MarketingLocals, but only post duplicate posts to them.

I joined Twitter April 3rd, 2007 and have been an active user.

Around my three-year Twitter anniversary I gave up following back everyone that follows me. With over 6,000 followers I could no longer keep up.  I most often will friend folks that @ me or RT. I like meeting folks more than racking up a follower count.

I appreciate Twitter for the opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues. It’s especially fun to later meet Twitter friends in real life.

A lot of the people I am friends with on Twitter are related to:

  • Social Media
  • WordPress
  • marketing
  • website development
  • website design
  • search optimization and marketing
  • RedSox
  • hosting
  • domaining

Or if you want to see a different kind of profile, have a look at an organized list of the Twitter Lists that my followers have put me on. It’s a revealing user-generated profile.

There are many ways to get in touch with me

I have a few websites:

and some day I hope to build out:




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