How Agencies Create a New Client Termageddon Account Summer 2019

After obtaining your own Agency account from Termageddon visit your Dashboard. Mine looks like this after adding BlogWranglers to my Dashboard. As the Agent, you fill in the Initial Information as part of creating the account. The client can then edit this information to ensure that it is correct. After this initial information is added,
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Why You Need an Automated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

TLRL: Privacy laws are changing and I am not a lawyer. We use Termageddon to dynamically comply with the changing Privacy laws. Privacy Policies Did you know that European countries and now states in the United States are passing privacy protection laws? Some of these US laws allow citizens to sue businesses anywhere in the
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HTTPS: Do I need to switch from HTTP?

What are HTTPS and HTTP? HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. Everyone on the web wants to be found. Search Marketers exist to help websites get found through a range of methods including better search rankings in Google. Image credit SearchEngineLand Many focus on the technical aspects of hunting down the hundreds of algorithm factors
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Inbound Marketing and Interruption Advertising

Will more and more brands become independent content creators rather than placing their ads around other people’s content? During the 37th Social Media Breakfast in Boston we heard some answers. The conversation covered a ranged of subjects including one of the Inbound Marketing tenants that says traditional advertising is based on interruption while Inbound Marketing
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