Logging in to WordPress and Getting Logged Out in a Minute

I was working with a new hosting client recently and everything was going pretty smoothly. Then I received an email saying that each time the client logged in to WordPress after less than a minute she got kicked out and had to log back in again.  She emailed me this information after it had happened a few times and was not impressed with this new behavior.  I sympathized and needed to find a solution to this surprise.

Domain Name Servers – DNS

The change in DNS to point to the new hosting server had occurred recently and was likely part of the issue.  Domain Name Servers get updated at different times. Complete propagation can take up to a full 24 hours. Each log in attempt likely hit a different DNS server.

How to Stay Logged In

Here is how we solved this issue.

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Log out of WordPress before getting kicked out
  3. Enter your WordPress user name and password
  4. Click the “Remember Me’ tick box
  5. Login to WordPress

This will enter the correct data or replace any corrupt data in your cookie.

Clearing your browser cache and cookies BEFORE the above procedure is also a good idea.

If you find that WordPress is logging you out of the WordPress admin area, try logging in and selecting the “Remember Me” option and see if this resolves the issue for you as well.