Twitter Lists Profile – Better than Linkedin

Each Twitter list has a name. When you get added to that list you are identified by the list owner as belonging to that subject area.  I am fascinated by the way different people see me.

Generally speaking the topical subjects accurately represent some facet of my life. I just find it interesting to see what lens a person chooses to see me through.

Below I sorted the listed into reasonable and sometimes questionable groups. I can see patterns and I think you will too.
I dare say that since the meaning provided here is created by others, it may provide a more accurate profile of JBS Partners than Linkedin. What do you think? Just skim the headings down the page.

Here is a sorted grouping of Twitter Lists that I find myself on.

Events that I attended:

  1. attendees-boston-2010
  2. boston-140conf
  3. boston-podcamp5 PodCamp Boston – 26-27 September 2010, Microsoft R&D Park, 100 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
  4. boston-surfers Shortbord’s list of influential surfers in Boston, MA
  5. community-roundtable CR folk
  6. sempo-boston
  7. Cambridge SEO Meetup members. DM me if you should be on this list!
  8. podcamp-boston PodCamp Boston – 26-27 September 2010, Microsoft R&D Park, 100 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
  9. the140conf
  10. webinno-27
  11. thecrlive-boston People who have joined us for #TheCRLive in Boston
  12. megatweetup 12.3.09 Megatweetup
  13. megatweetupstars All the Stars that are attending the #MegaTweetUP
  14. csne-members Content Strategy New England members and speakers.
  15. gdgtlive-boston


Business Owner:

  1. bizowners2 A custom list created by adding, subtracting or filtering existing lists (generated by @formulists)
  2. consultants

Winchester, Boston, Massachusetts and New England:

  1. boston
  2. boston
  3. boston
  4. boston
  5. boston
  6. boston
  7. boston All about the hub
  8. boston bestofthebest tweeple in boston.
  9. boston Greater Bostonians
  10. boston What do you think?
  11. local-bostonians
  12. winchester-ma
  13. boston-2 More cool Twitterati from Boston
  14. boston-folks People worth following in Boston
  15. bostonians
  16. bostonians-i-know
  17. boston-ish
  18. boston-ish
  19. boston-peeps
  20. boston-people All things Boston – find deals, events, and other cool Boston stuff.
  21. bostontweeps
  22. brilliant-boston
  23. metinbostonsome
  24. people-co-boston-ne Interesting People and Companies in New England & Boston Area
  25. massachusetts-tweeters
  26. new-england
  27. new-england New England related people – if you think you should be here let me know.
  28. new-england-2
  29. new-england-marketers A collection of marketing professionals across New England.
  30. new-england-sports
  31. new-england-tweeps This is obviously a work in progress…lots more people to add.
  32. new-england-tweeters-21 All New England Tweeters, including businesses



  1. brand-related Brand related Accounts



  1. conversationlist
  2. conversationlist A dynamic list rebuilt daily of the people you are talking to and about.
  3. conversationlist A dynamic list rebuilt daily of the people you are talking to and about.
  4. all-follow-back-499 These STAR PEEPS follow everyone back that follows them! You Must FOLLOW this list to be included!


  1. creative-design-photog
  2. creatives
  3. creatives
  4. creatives Creative Twitter Users worth a mention. Follow them for some great inspiring tweets


  1. design
  2. design Graphic designers, web designers, artists, highly visual people.
  3. design-and-dev3
  4. design-and-dev-leaders Top influencers in dev and design
  5. big-web Combined list – “web design” “web-development” “wordpress”
  6. designerds
  7. art-design-and-media-arts



  1. domaining-7 Domainer Focused
  2. dn


Lists of something good:

  1. don-t-miss-these The people @tamadear is most grouped together in lists with (generated by @formulists)
  2. formulists-filter-my-following A self-updating filtered list of people I follow (generated by @formulists)
  3. good-list A custom list created by adding, subtracting or filtering existing lists (generated by @formulists)
  4. kindred-spirits The people I am most grouped together in lists with (hatched by @formulists)
  5. list filtered list of people I follow
  6. tracy-falkelets The people @Tracy_Falke is most grouped together in lists with (generated by @formulists)
  7. thanks-for-listing-me A list of people who have added me to one or more of their lists (generated by @formulists)
  8. who-i-followed A self-updating filtered list of people I follow (generated by @formulists)
  9. whomyfriendsengagewith A list of people who talk with the people I talk to.
  10. mutual-friends A self-updating list of people who are followed by the people I follow (generated by @formulists)
  11. myfollowers A dynamic list rebuilt daily of the people following me


  1. drupal


  1. fathers

Very Complimentary:

  1. cantmiss Great-content-great-folks
  2. close
  3. custom-list A custom list created by adding, subtracting or filtering existing lists (generated by @formulists)
  4. favorite-tweeters List of favorite tweeters of Marsh Sutherland of
  5. followrate-plus-10-perc-3 >3000 following RATE 0,9-1 ers
  6. fots-friends-of-the-slice
  7. friends
  8. friends-of-craig People I generally like paying attention to in the twittersphere
  9. f-twitters
  10. fun-tech-geeks
  11. funtimesguide
  12. homies
  13. humans-i-ve-met
  14. irl
  15. magnificent
  16. mypeeps
  17. peeps
  18. phritters These are the people that I always want to hear. I recommend them highly.
  19. review-list A list of twitter profiles I should have a better look at.
  20. seenatmileycyrusconcert The coolest twitters in the world I’ve run across
  21. smart-tweets
  22. supporters
  23. the-real-deal People & companies who regularly talk with me or I’ve met
  24. the-usual-suspects-3 Nice people I have met in real life, gotten to know and wish I saw more of.
  25. tried-true
  26. tried-true Tweeple I’ve become acquainted with enough to recommend them to others
  27. verified-real-people People I have personally met OFFLINE, or family members thereof.
  28. veteran-tweeple Incredible Tweeple who have stood by me since the beginning
  29. wicked-smaht
  30. coolpeoplei-vemet People on Twitter I actually know aren’t imaginary.
  31. cool-web-types SEO + Social Media+ Online Marketing+ PPC+Email Marketing+ Geeks+Tech = a General Twitter Elite
  32. love-to-chat-with Automated List of folks I recently tweeted with.
  33. pundants valuable information
  34. teachme


  1. foursquare-users Foursquare users check out


  1. industry-info
  2. internet-computer
  3. internet-marketing Collection of peeps and businesses in the internet marketing industry.
  4. internet-marketing SEO, SEM, IM, SMM, ORM…acronyms abound, but it’s all Internet Marketing.

Los Angeles:

  1. la


  1. linkedin-connections

Website Hosting:

  1. list-2-hosting-people-co People and Companies In the Web Hosting and Infrastructure Space


  1. marketing
  2. marketing
  3. marketing
  4. marketing
  5. marketing
  6. marketing A self-updating filtered list of people I follow (made using @formulists)
  7. marketing-comm-pr
  8. marketingleads
  9. marketing-pros Those whose primary business is marketing
  10. marketsavy


  1. ppc
  2. ppc Pay Per Click (PPC) Twitter list. PPC list on Twitter for SEM. Twitter PPC list of people

Public Relations:

  1. pr-marketing-advertising
  2. pr-socialmedia-marketing
  3. top-influencers This list is powered by Klout: http:
  4. top-pr-mktg-sm
  5. media-pr-marcomm


  1. redsox Boston Red Sox fans and writers. if you want on it or be removed: @DaigoFuji
  2. red-sox-fans
  3. redsoxfriends
  4. redsox-mlb
  5. redsox-nation
  6. red-sox-nation
  7. sports

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. search
  2. search
  3. search-and-social A collection of SEO, SEM, and Social Media pros on Twitter
  4. searchengine Search Engine
  5. searchengines Search engines industry – marketers, optimizers, engineers and gurus.
  6. searchsocialdesigntech
  7. sem-sm Search Marketing and Social Media
  8. seo
  9. seo
  10. seo
  11. seo
  12. seo
  13. seo
  14. seo people I respect in seo
  15. seo-custom-7 A list that is a customized clone of another list (generated by @formulists)
  16. seo-media-20 A custom list created by adding, subtracting or filtering existing lists (generated by @formulists)
  17. seo-ronin SEO settings themselves apart
  18. seo-sem-smm
  19. seos-on-fire
  20. real-seo-sem-people
  21. sm

Social Media:

  1. socailmedia
  2. social-boston-friends Must follow Social people throughout Boston and the North East.
  3. socialindustry Members working in the social media or online community industry
  4. socialmedia
  5. social-media
  6. social-media
  7. social-media-19 my favorite social, technical, fun and interesting tweeters
  8. social-media-club
  9. social-media-contacts
  10. social-media-pros-orgs
  11. social-media-surfers Shortbord’s list of influential surfers in the social media space.
  12. social-media-types List name says it all. Follow this list for social media news and tidbits.
  13. social-network
  14. real-social-media-elite the elite of the elite – world-wide social media power user (via Osnapz & + hand-picked
  15. newmedia All things social media, tech and new media related
  16. boston-social-networking


  1. tech
  2. tech
  3. tech-friends
  4. techppl

Website Design:

  1. web-design
  2. web-design
  3. web-design
  4. web-design Web designers and front-end web developers…

Web Development:

  1. web-development
  2. web-development-design
  3. digital-media-dynamos Makers of all things beautiful to the human eye.
  4. dmedia-design-adv-apps
  5. dev-community A list of developers, designers, agencies and other like-minds.
  6. developers


  1. wordpress
  2. wordpress Bloggers, developers, coders, designers, speakers, teachers, students – WordPress, BuddyPress, etc.
  3. wordpress Interesting members of the WordPress community.
  4. wordpress Klout Powered List
  5. top-wordpress-developers Mainly a list of coders and developers that work with WordPress, it’s themes, and or it’s plugins.
  6. wordpress WordPress designers and developers…
  7. klout-influencers-wordpress This list is powered by Klout: http:
  8. boston-wordcampers Everyone who’s registered to attend WordCampBoston, January 23rd.
  9. thesis-wordpress-theme
  10. bostonwp BostonWP Meetup Folks
  11. wordpress-people People who enjoying talking about, and working with WordPress.
  12. all-wordcampers Speakers, panelists, sponsors, attendees, and founders, oh my.

World Views:

  1. worldviews


  1. writers
  2. writers-seo Solid SEO writers, thinkers, doers, & everything in between
  3. blogging

Content Strategy:

  1. content-stratetweeps


I would say that there are only a few possible mistakes. For example if someone is thinking that I live in LA, well that was decades ago, and only near LA. I was born there though. Content Strategy, I wish. I have a lot of respect for those talented content strategists.

It’s interesting to look at the proportions in each list. Strangely they are kind of accurate in some ways. I can see patterns. I am glad that there is a strong theme in what we might call the friendship area as well as the technical areas that I work in day in and day out.

What patterns do you see?

How are you communicating to a person when you put them on  list?  What are you saying?
Does this give you a better idea of what I do than my JBS Partners Linkedin Profile?



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