Firefox Sends CPU to 100%

I was an early user of Firefox and continue to support the Open Source browser.  Last year my computer (Dell Latitude E6500 running Windows XP) began to have problems keeping up with Firefox.  I recognize that I have a lot of very useful Extensions and a good number of Add-ons and a few plugins.  However,
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Write a Review of JBS Partners Here

Sometimes clients want to write a recommendation or review. Here is a handy way to select and visit sites that have a JBS Partners account.

Social Media and Entreprenuers

Social media can be a powerful growth engine for entrepreneurs. My first entrepreneurial venture, JBS Partners, was founded in 2002. Five years later (in 2007) Twitter and the Boston Social Media Breakfasts became a part of my experience. From these two seeds my network and this business have expanded far more than the first five
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Boston WordPress Meetup in April

As a member of a recent WordPress Meetup panel, we were asked what new capabilities or solutions we were most looking forward to from WordPress.  The question did not produce much in the way of a response as I recall. I circled back to this question later in the meeting with an answer.  Possibly not
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Transfering Domain Names

Transferring your domain names should not be painful. But it is, especially because for many folks it is a once in a lifetime event.  I hope that this helps make your move less of a pain. Rather than being completely agnostic as I would prefer, for the sake of clarity actual company names will be
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