Inbound Marketing and Interruption Advertising

Will more and more brands become independent content creators rather than placing their ads around other people’s content? During the 37th Social Media Breakfast in Boston we heard some answers. The conversation covered a ranged of subjects including one of the Inbound Marketing tenants that says traditional advertising is based on interruption while Inbound Marketing
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The Robots of Engadget Live in Boston

Despite a waiting line stretching to the end of the block 30 minutes after opening, enjoying the Engadget Live Boston event wasn’t delayed significantly because the lined moved along quickly. Inside at the Royale were about 17 presenters ranging from “really cool”, to “why would anyone use that”? There was one item that I may actually purchase, it
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How BuddyPress Evolved in 2011

How BuddyPress evolved in 2011 While pretty much everyone who spends time on the web knows about WordPress, not many people I talk to have heard about its community-oriented companion: BuddyPress. For those of you who’ve never heard of such a thing, here’s a rundown of what BuddyPress is about: BuddyPress is a plugin that
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Empire Avenue for Content Promotion

I wrote a post on Slide Presentation Tips for Conference Speakers. Promoting quality content effectively is all about leveraging influence. Using a network is an effective method. Empire Avenue for Content Promotion I joined Empire Avenue back in April and have enjoyed many benefits, including an entirely new network of positive and motivated people. I am
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Empire Avenue Resources

A continually growing list of off-site Empire Avenue resources around the web. The Official Resource Site Empire Avenue’s list of blogs, videos and news –   Video Robert Scoble’s interview with Dupes, the founder of Empire Avenue – from Apr 14, 2011, 52 min YouTube video   Empire Avenue Chat on Twitter  
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Drupal4Design Boston – Dries, Design, Drupal and WordPress

The 2011 Druapal 4 Design conference in Boston left me with a lot to consider. Walking into the MIT Stata Center was a great start. My Content Management System Background After moving from a custom platform to Open Source development years ago, I felt it wise to choose one or two content management / development
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Most of you land here by clicking on the Bio link on Twitter. Thanks. Hi. I am Jim Spencer and my primary Twitter account is fairminder. I have 7 other accounts (BlogWranglers, WebPageAdvisor, LocalSEOAdvisor, BlogNitro, BlogArmour, JBS Partners, Jim Spencer and MarketingLocals, but only post duplicate posts to them. I joined Twitter April 3rd, 2007
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