Empire Avenue for Content Promotion

I wrote a post on Slide Presentation Tips for Conference Speakers.

Promoting quality content effectively is all about leveraging influence. Using a network is an effective method.

Empire Avenue for Content Promotion

I joined Empire Avenue back in April and have enjoyed many benefits, including an entirely new network of positive and motivated people. I am making friends. Here is my account –

I am a member of a couple of Empire Avenue (EA) groups that congregate on Facebook.  I posted the following on the Team Zen group;

Need someone to buy your shares? Tweet, Like, +1 or Stumble this post and I will buy your shares – Probably at least 100 shares if you leave a link to your acct. If you buy back I will too. Tomorrow.

Ad Structure

  1.  It starts with a subject near and dear to every shareholder’s heart – getting someone to buy their shares. This is important because it causes their share price to increase, which is good.
  2. The second sentence makes the request. I ask for some social media attention using the conveniently located buttons in the sidebar of the post.
  3. Then I clearly define what is it for them. I will buy 100 of their shares. I put in “probably” just in case I ran out of currency. Anything is possible right?
  4. Then I made a second offer to buy more of their shares if they purchased some of my shares, something called a “buy back’.
  5. Lastly, I let them know the buying would start the following day.


Team Zen Did What?

The offer was available for 21 hours beginning after midnight. The group has about 1,000 members from all around the world.

The Facebook posting received 6 Likes.

About 15 members of Team Zen visited my post and hit the button(s).

The sidebar social widget on the post shows the following now;
(see the image here on the right)

Like – 15
Tweet – 22
+1 – 9
SU – 133

Stumble Upon is under represented in this group. I think one person used Stumble Upon.

This group has an affinity with Twitter it seems, despite being in a Facebook group.

A handful of participants bought a few of my shares after I purchased their shares, usually less than 50.

A small number began to friend or follow me today.

Quite a few postings did not include a link to their account, so I ran into the challenges of using the EA search box. It failed me more than once.

More than one person commented that they were happy to help and did not want me to buy their shares. the general tone of all the comments were very supportive and encouraging. I appreciate that.


Key Benefits and Takeaways

I got to get to meet new people and made some good connections.  I don’t see the same opportunity for this to happen on EA, although EA it would not have happened without EA.

The post got almost 200 page views just during this 21 hour period.

There were about 30 visitors from Facebook, and handful from Twitter and the rest came from Stumble Upon.

The project earned a link from a blog to my speaker tips post. Thanks for that.

There is also an outstanding offer to cross-promote

A few more people are better equipped to present now. Yippee!!!

And I think a few more people know about JBS Partners now.


My Flawed Reward System

I spent around 100,000 eaves, which is a lot in my mind.

Offering a flat 100 shares is simple and clean, but flawed, here is why.

A couple of participants have a huge audience and influence while others are still growing them. Compare over 50,000 Twitter followers with 27, for example.

In addition, participant share prices varied from 25 to nearly 120 per share.  Spending between 2,500 and 12,000 to buy that 100 shares for the same action makes no sense.

Offering to spend a flat number of eaves, instead of shares,  makes more sense for next time.

For example. If I had offered to spend 5,000 eaves, this project would have cost only 75,000 eaves, instead of 100k.  I could have allowed five more participants.


What’s Next?

I would definitely like make this offer again, as long as it is ok with the community.

When I try this again it would be interesting to try it over on the X Bar Empire Avenue group on Facebook. They have about 700 members.

The offer will be  eaves instead of shares.

Two things would be great to figure out;

  1. Ways to  compensate for the variation in size of audience and influence
  2. To see if quality blog comments can also be encouraged.


What do you think?