Empire Avenue for Content Promotion

I wrote a post on Slide Presentation Tips for Conference Speakers. Promoting quality content effectively is all about leveraging influence. Using a network is an effective method. Empire Avenue for Content Promotion I joined Empire Avenue back in April and have enjoyed many benefits, including an entirely new network of positive and motivated people. I am
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Empire Avenue Resources

A continually growing list of off-site Empire Avenue resources around the web. The Official Resource Site Empire Avenue’s list of blogs, videos and news –   Video Robert Scoble’s interview with Dupes, the founder of Empire Avenue – from Apr 14, 2011, 52 min YouTube video   Empire Avenue Chat on Twitter  
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Drupal4Design Boston – Dries, Design, Drupal and WordPress

The 2011 Druapal 4 Design conference in Boston left me with a lot to consider. Walking into the MIT Stata Center was a great start. My Content Management System Background After moving from a custom platform to Open Source development years ago, I felt it wise to choose one or two content management / development
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Most of you land here by clicking on the Bio link on Twitter. Thanks. Hi. I am Jim Spencer and my primary Twitter account is fairminder. I have 7 other accounts (BlogWranglers, WebPageAdvisor, LocalSEOAdvisor, BlogNitro, BlogArmour, JBS Partners, Jim Spencer and MarketingLocals, but only post duplicate posts to them. I joined Twitter April 3rd, 2007
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