Twitter related services

The Twitter micro-blogging service inspires folks to create new services and tools. Let’s look at a sampling. TwitDir – allows you to search for Twitterers. TwitterMap – shows a Google Map of Twitterers and their Tweets. TwitterVision – shows a Google Map live view of Tweets around the earth. TwitThis is a plugin to allow
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What is Twitter?

Twitter? Sometimes the only way to learn something new is to try it. That is the approach I chose with Twitter. Here is the story. I opened an account in April 2007 (not an early adopter) and abandoned it out of shear ignorance. After meeting my Twitter evangelist friends Chris Brogan and Laura Finton in
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Don’t “Read More”, instead “Click to Continue”

Marketing Sherpa (Note: per MS policy this link is live only until September 18th) released a new study on the text used in email links for newsletters. Bottom line, people don’t read, so don’t give them a link to “Read more”. They won’t. Makes sense to me. What click link words should you use? Here
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Social Media plugin for Firefox

97th Floor just released a cool social media tool for Firefox users (which should be everyone). I guess from the 97th floor, these folks have a good view of the social media landscape. That is what this tool will do for you. Social media for Firefox places five indicators down in the status bar, near
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IContact – Constant Contact

IContact is the second largest provider of email newsletters. Constant Contact is first. I had a chance to speak with David Roth, Vice President of Business Development, some months ago about his company. (Back before I had a blog.) IContact’s delivery rate is reported as 99.1%, which is very good. They send 93 million emails.
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WebInnovatorsGroup and Twitter

Last night I attended the WebInnovatorsGroup in Cambrigde, along with 600 other folks. Nine new technology companies were showcased, most of them just breaking onto the scene. I sat in the audience listening to the six minute descriptions of each business, with the ear of an investor, multiple consumer personas, reseller, vendor or as part
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