Boston Social Media Breakfast 2 Was a Feast

Connections. That is the reason to attend these types of events. To connect with people in person and the ideas that they represent and share. Networking online is great, but you have to meet people face to face.

Who did I meet again?

Stephen Turcotte of Backbone Media.

Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting

Chris Brogan of Chris Brogan

Andrea Mercado of

Mr. Best

John Cass of PR Communications

Jeff Glasson of

Who did I meet in person for the first time?

David Cutler of

Yianni Garcia of Social Media Guy and Digital Influence Group.

Jeff Glasson of We had never met in person.

Larry Weber, the founder of the Digital Influence Group and author of Marketing to the Social Web has had a long, successful and well connected career. He told some great stories during his headline presentation to the audience of 50+ social marketing movers and shakers. He was credible, humorous, occasionally humble and far seeing. I look forward to reading his book, which he was kind enough to hand out and autograph. Thanks for the book and for hosting the event Larry!

What did I hear?

  • The web is not another channel like tv, radio, print, direct mail etc. One way media.
  • The social web is a two way conversation.
  • Social media and marketing will kill the traditional media listed above.
  • Building community is key.
  • The Large company “need to control the message” will have to break down.
  • Marketing is influencing opinion through compelling content.
  • Marketing is a set of dialogues.
  • A mix of user generated and professional content will become more common.
  • Larry does not blog or use Twitter. He said CEO’s should not blog. Line folks should.

Social Media Business Models

  1. Large companies will underwrite communities
  2. Advertising
  3. Subscription


It is good business to meet people in person.

Users will be in control

Blogging, forums, Facebook, Ning and other community building platforms will continue to grow.

Expect to see the web consume traditional media.

What are you doing to allow visitors to engage with you? What makes you hesitate? What benefits have you seen?