SEMNE event on Google Adwords

It was well worth the hour drive to Nashua New Hampshire to hear Matt Van Wagoner, from Find Me Faster, speak on pay per click advertising. These SEMNE events have yet to disappoint.

A Warm Welcome

It always feels nice to be greeted in personal way by organizers, in this case Jill Whalen and Pauline Kerbici. Pauline somehow remembered that I am from Winchester, MA.

Search Marketers Old and New

I met some great people that night before the speaker began. I met an employee of an old aquantance, Hans Reimer of What a great surprise. Sounds like Hans is doing well. I need to call him.

I met Rori Stumpf whose entire business focuses on AdWords. I said, oh, you need to meet that guy over there, pointing to Todd. They talked until the presentation begain. I accepted a LinkedIn invite from Rori the following day.

I of course talked with Todd Bairstow, who I had met previously at SEO Meetup in Arlington. He is the sharpest guy I have met with Google AdWords. He was kind enough to answer a few email questions after that first meeting.

Pay Per Click Presentation (by no means an exhaustive record)

The presentation started and finished on time. Hurray! Matt provided incites into Google, Yahoo and MSN, but Google writes the rules here. He even cracked open an attendees AdWords account and reviewed it on screen.

Oooh the Content Network can really eat up a lot of impressions and money. It has it’s place, but not for most of us. This is where the most click fraud occurs. It is better for branding than sales. Remember those boxes of ads you see on web sites and blogs, AdSense, that is the content network in action.

It is important to understand negative keywords, and the matching choices. Broad, phrase and exact match. Each have their place. If you don’t understand them and use them properaly it can really bite you.

GeoTargeting is very important. Did you know that you can draw on a Google map to delineate where your ads will be displayed? Very specific and very cool.

Did you know that Local ads can be presented across the country? Maybe not what you expected.

A New Hampshire Pizza Parlor selects the key word phrase Pizza New Hampshire. Because of “intent” if a searcher in California types in New Hampshire Pizza, the ad will be presented to him in California. Makes sense. He is probably flying to NH for vacation and is hungry already.

Another bit of advice. Set your daily ad budget high enough so that you don’t run out of click cash before the end of the day. You are only prolonging the learning curve towards which ads and key words to use.

Don’t search for your own ads! As search gets more personalized, just imagine Google sees you searching and searching for your own product, say beads, but you never click on the ads. Eventually your ads will not be displayed to you. You will see your ad showing up on the fifth page. Meanwhile, the rest of the world sees your ad on page one.

Instead, use the Google Ad Preview Tool. Yahoo does not have one. Bummer.

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  1. Nice write-up, thanks! We’re looking forward to seeing you again next time for Greg Jarboe’s discussion on Univeral Search.

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