Is Twitter for the Birds? A Tweet Tweet Tutorial

I surely thought Twitter was for the birds after creating my Twitter account back in early 2007. As an entrepreneur, I find that time and resources need to be well targeted and purposeful. I could see no purpose as I stared at the blank screen. This was not a resource for me.

Today, I can confirm both customer and colleague relationships initiated through Twitter as well as many friendships and even money in the bank. Here is how that all changed, after a Twitter primer.

What is Twitter?

Twitter falls into the category of social media applications. This communication tool allows you to keep in touch through short messages that can be sent to many people instantly.

You can update three ways: to all subscribers, directed to one person, or sent privately to one person. Updates are 140 characters maximum. (As a reference, the text immediately preceding this parenthetical note is 139 characters long.)

When you first open your account you are missing the most important component of a useful Twitter account – people whom you follow and people who follow you.

How do you find people to follow?

Below are six suggestions for finding people to follow, but first a little business-focused contemplation. Think about your purpose and motive. This will help you focus on following the right kind of people. Two important business questions are:

Do you want to follow people with similar interests, in the same industry?


Do you prefer to develop a group of followers who will benefit from your products or services and possibly hire you?

Most people tend to reciprocate followers, so keep the Golden Rule in mind. Follow the kind of people whom you want to be followed by.

  1. Follow a couple of people you know, such as the person who introduced you to Twitter. Follow me @fairminder.
  2. Follow their friends. Observe conversations and then choose new followers from among the people others are talking with.
  3. Upload your contact list to Twitter to find people on Twitter whom you already know. Follow #2 above again.
  4. Visit TwitterPacks. It lists all kinds of Twitter folks according to special interest.
  5. Search on Twitter for your city or town name along with the state, and review profiles to find new people to follow.
  6. Visit this TweetScan. It’s a more advanced twitter search site.

Number 2 above is a successful method because it includes some measure of social validation as you move from friend to friend of friend, rather than guessing whom to follow. You know the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? It really does apply here.

What should you say?

Twitter is a microcosm of life and has the potential for an equally wide range of subjects to be shared.

Feel free to jump in and send an update to someone in response to an update that you read. Or simply answer the question that Twitter poses: “What are you doing now?” Keep it interesting and related to the purpose and motive you established earlier. What you read on Twitter may inspire you to start a new conversation.

Here is a small sampling of what you may find or contribute on Twitter.

  • Breaking news – News of the Chinese earthquakes hit Twitter long before traditional news outlets.
  • Interesting links to a photo, audio, video, website, blog, forum post and more.
  • Local meeting information – I enjoyed many meetings discovered on Twitter.
  • Messages of encouragement – Tragic personal news can generate condolences from around the globe.
  • Absolute rubbish – Not so interested that there are now three spiders on your wall.
  • Tech help – Many have received answers to tech questions right away.
  • Friendship – A listening ear, someone who will respond.
  • Weather updates – Timely, accurate reports from far and near.
  • Affinity groups – For example, fitness groups encouraging each other.
  • Sports scores – We love those Red Sox.
  • Reviews and recommendations – Comments on books, movies, products, etc.
  • Directions – You are likely to get a helpful reply from a local.
  • Polls – Simple polls that gather interesting information.
  • Discounts and special offers – People and companies send out both.

So what happened with me?

I followed people, wrote updates, joined conversations, offered sports scores and website-related advice, asked for technology help and sought out talented people to help serve the needs of my clients. It was especially fun when I later met Twitter friends in real life. Now the Following and Followers numbers on my account are approaching 1,000.

What most people seem to be interested in is how money was made through Twitter. It began by sending a helpful update that was well received.

Shannon sent an update that said, “Hey, check out this website I just designed.” I did and then sent along a few suggestions for improvement. Shannon said he really appreciated these suggestions. Keep in mind that his update was not directed at me and I didn’t know him then. It simply went zipping by at a time when I was “on Twitter.”

In fact, he asked me to be an advisor on his next project. I agreed and he was so pleased that he paid me 50% more than he had originally offered. He subsequently went so far as to write an unsolicited blog post recommending my services. Wow, all this born out of 140 characters.

As the conversation expands, it is not out of the ordinary for it to move from Twitter to email, IM, telephone and in-person meetings.

Initially Twitter did seem like it was for the birds. I understood Twitter no more than I can understand the birds outside my window right now. Friendly folk on Twitter and in real life showed me otherwise.

I hope that you will also learn that Twitter is not for the birds, but a valuable tool for your business and social tool box. Come join the conversation! I promise to reply.

Jim Spencer
JBS Partners
“Fairminder” on Twitter

What has been your experience on Twitter?

This article first appeared in the August 13th , 2008 issue of the High Rankings Advisor newsletter. Many thanks to Jill for sharing her wide channel of distribution. Many readers opened accounts with Twitter in the following days, and over a hundred have followed Jill and I on Twitter.

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13 thoughts on “Is Twitter for the Birds? A Tweet Tweet Tutorial”

  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  2. I first read your article in Jill Whelan’s newsletter, and joined Twitter based on your recommendation as well as hers. Am still wondering about the value as an entrepreneur with many roles to fill, but am sticking with it based on what you both have said! Thank you for the information.

  3. Ann,
    You are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

    The value in a fax, telephone, email or Twitter account is in how and why you use it. Just because it is the latest thing doesn’t make it right for you.

    I enjoy the friends and colleagues that I have discovered and established on Twitter, many of whom I later met in real life.

    My focus is fairly social along with sharing my work expertise. I am not motivated as if this is the next get rich quick “tool”.

    Please feel free to email me if you have even one question.

  4. Nice write up Jim. Very simple and to the point, which is what people need when they are being introduced to Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter itself doesn’t know how to educate people on their own service. I talk to people everyday who sign up and then have no clue what to do from there. Hopefully more people see this. Good stuff man.

  5. Very helpful article. I’ve been looking for succinct information to get me up to speed on Twitter. It’s a whole new ball game for an artist who had looked askance at social networking as a waste of precious studio time. I’m learning.

  6. K, Your comment is appreciated. Twitter, as with other communication methods, can be effective at making new friends and sharing.

  7. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you 😀

  8. If you think you would like to use Twitter as a marketing source you should do it, but you definitely must do it the proper way, following all the rules. Twitter is without a doubt one of the best social media site today for internet marketing.

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