Twitter Tools

Twitter tools number in the thousands, but picking out the ones that work for you takes some effort.  Below are a few of the Twitter tools that I recommend.

Twitter Searching

twitoria– Unfollow people who have not posted a tweet in week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months or a year.

tweetbeep – Alerts.  Track any time someone mentions you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates!

tweepsearch– Search friends and followers, or just a keyword in all bios currently indexed.

whendidyoujointwitter – Enter a user name and see when the twitter account was created.

backtweets – searches for links on twitter, even shortened ones.

twellow – List your profile, search twitter, followers, friends, groups also includes a profile editor.

Anonymous Tweeting

secrettweet– A place to tweet anonymously – crazy, scary and hilarious tweets.

Twitter Hashtags

tweetchat– hashtagged tweets are aggregated into on place. You can tweet and it adds the hashtag for you. Great for events and webinars.

tagdef – look up the meaning of a hashtag, like #redsox, but we know what that one is. 😉

Twitter Polling

twpoll– Create a poll and send it on to your Twitter followers on.




For more see Rachel Levy’s big list of Twitter tools

What are your favorite tools and why do you use them?

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    1. Esoos, That is a nice addition, especially for those that can plan ahead. I tend to be very spontaneous on Twitter, so I have never tried tweetlater. Might have to try it now. Thanks.

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