Twitter – Compare Followers, Friends Following and Not

You are following friends, friends are following you, but who got left out?

Ever want to compare who is following and who is not?

Twitter Toolbox is the answer


A nifty Firefox (and Flock) plugin that adds a sidebar with three tabs.

Compare Twitter followers and following in three ways

  1. Who are you following, that is not following you?
  2. Who is following you and you are following them?
  3. Who is following you, but you are not following them?

Install Twitter Toolbox and compare the following and followed.

::Update:: This tool has not been updated for Firefox 3. ::Update::

Here are two alternative web solutions for comparing Twitter followers and following that are awesome. Listed in order of preference.

Twitter Karma has a nice interface that lets you see who you are following, who is following you and the combination of both. It will also show you Friends in the same way. Easy to understand.

My Tweeple takes it a step further and also allows you to ding Twitter accounts that you feel are spammers. It keeps a vote count allowing you to use this information in deciding to follow someone or not. My friend Shannon wrote this and he is open to suggestions for more features. The guy has talent.

3 thoughts on “Twitter – Compare Followers, Friends Following and Not”

  1. Thanks for pointing me towards this, Jim! Unfortunately, unless I don’t understand the definition of “Friend” it’s not accurate… reports that I have “25 Followers, but not Friends”… That sub-set has most of the people I go back and forth with most, and definitely follow and they follow me…

    Oh well – maybe I’ll hack one together.

  2. Joe,
    Thanks for your comments. You are right. There are a few folks that I follow and who follow me that are in the Followers, but not Friends tab. That is not good.

    The bulk of the listings on each tab appear to be accurate to me.

    I wonder what is causing the odd listing to be in the wrong category?

    I will let you know if I find out.

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