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Designs that convert

Your website design has many target audiences.  You,  the search engines, the boss, current and future employees, the “target audience”. All good answers, but the most important is the person who will pick up the phone or send an email requesting exactly what you have to offer. Even better if they have lots of friends that want the same thing. You probably don’t want to read all about responsive design, cross-browser compatibility and code validation. Just know that we do that too.

Client Testimonial

“I worked closely with JBS Partners on two ground-up website projects in very different industries.   Unlike some web developers that are only interested in getting your website done quickly so they can move on to the next project, JBS Partners takes the time to get it right.  Jim and his team ask questions – sometimes challenging questions – about your business goals, branding, and core message. Jim at JBS Partners has much business experience, and his guidance results in a superior finished project.   Their ability to help their clients connect with the right customers is excellent.
Steve McDonough
Next Phase Legal

Migration to WordPress

Ready to leave the high cost, inflexibility, aging on the vine platform you are on and move into the most rapidly growing content management system on the planet? Welcome to WordPress. Clients have moved from HubSpot, Drupal, Day, Blogger, Tumblr, Active Rain, proprietary systems and just plain HTML.

We have years of experience, proven techniques and proprietary scripts that allow us to handle the toughest migrations with great success. All content and meta data is retained. link juice is retained, uptime is retained and broken links are fixed and URL paths are improved. It’s not just a move, it is a cross-discipline strategic advance.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

When you can’t find just the plugin you need amongst the 30,000+ plugins in the WordPress repository, go Custom!  Our team is ready to tackle your most complex requirements.

A Canadian client needed a custom e-commerce plugin to run their entire business on.  There were months of complex integration with billing systems, payment systems, authentication protocols and so on.

An agency called on us to fix a custom plugin that was built by another outfit. One of our developers tackled the issue and got things running again.

Troubleshooting and Break/Fix

If you need something fixed, we are here for you. Whether it is a one-off request or you call week after week we are always happy to hear from you and will handle your project with care.  We can setup a system with up to eight steps so that you know just where your project stands. Clients call on us for a range of reasons including; routine content changes, new design implementations, their site got hacked, fixing broken links, providing SEO based improvements, redirect loops, WordPress core, plugin and theme upgrades and more.

WordPress maintenance

When you are ready to just focus on your business and leave WordPress to a professional, we can help. We provide regular updates to core WordPress files, all plugins and themes. When needed we can even run a test upgrade on our servers to ensure nothing breaks for our new clients. Clients also ask us to help with regular blog content creation and search optimization, both on page and off page.  Contact us now.

Agency Testimonial

I’ve had the pleasure of working with JBS Partners for the past couple of years and couldn’t be happier with them. They have everything I look for in a partner. Jim Spencer is extremely responsive and a great communicator. He takes the time to understand the challenge at hand, responds quickly yet thoughtfully to questions, does his analysis and always comes up with a common sense approach.
Bill Shander
Beehive Media