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What are the Issues?

More than 20% of the websites are the Internet are now WordPress sites. That is a huge target for those with malicious intent, that may want to inject links or malicious code into a website to earn millions of dollars a year.

WordPress itself is safe and secure. The problems begin with the use of themes, plugins and other customizations that are easily made on such a flexible and useful platform.

Secure Installation or Modification

We have developed a process for securing or hardening a WordPress site that can be implemented at installation or after a site is installed and operational. You have the option of 2-3 levels of security depending on the trade-offs you are comfortable with and your business requirements.

Secure Configuration

Our professional security services utilize a combination of plugins and hand coded changes to your site.  The security changes effect; user accounts and IDs, setting or configuration changes to wp-config.php, functions.php, wp-includes.php and the wp-content folder and the following files: .htaccess, Robots.txt, ReadMe.HTML and ReadMe.txt. All of your files will be tested and updated and unneeded code (old themes, plugins etc.) can be removed. Your site can even be setup to notify you when a hacking attempt has be thwarted.  Ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Getting UnHacked

If you are hosting with us, we will get you unhacked at no cost to you. These situations arise when clients do not keep their files up to date with the latest versions of software.

If you are hosting elsewhere we are available to investigate and take remedial measures to restore your site to its former glory as much as possible. We highly recommend off-site backups.