Where is your primary navigation?

Where is your primary navigation?

Is it across the top, down the left side or down the right side?

There are valid reasons for all three locations. Locating your navigation on the left is by far the most popular position, but it is not right for every web site.

Eye-tracking studies show that visitors begin looking at your web site in the top left corner. Because of this, the top left corner is considered the most valuable real estate on the page. Down the left side is also very valuable.

Your purpose determines where you place your primary navigation.

Selling Ads

If you are primarily selling ads, put your ads in the top left corner where they will get clicked on. Move your navigation to another location.


If branding is a critical component of your web presence, then be sure that your logo is in the top left corner.

Content focused

If your content is king, don’t put your navigation on the left, instead put it on the right or across the top.

Playing it safe

Most visitors expect to find the navigation down the left side.

Primary navigation on the top or the right is best

Placing interesting content in the most valuable real estate engages the visitor and they will want to read on, no matter where your primary navigation is located.

Why did you choose to place your primary navigation where it is?