Slide Presentation Tips for Conference Speakers

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In a few weeks you will be speaking to an audience of 20 to 100 people in a multi-track conference.  How can you make your presentation stands out in the right way? Title What makes a good presentation title? Here are some suggestions; Short – four to five words might be typical in your industry
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Presenting, Chocolates and a lot of Woops

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My experiences overcoming what life presented I have attended an awful lot of conferences, camps, seminars and presentations in recent years. Yesterday I was a speaker. Speaking instead of Listening Being a presenter brings an entirely new and different perspective on the day.  A lot leads up to “the day” and I had a lot
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eBusiness Symposium 2008 Presentation

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Friday, October 3rd, I offered this presentation to an audience of over 100 eager business owners.  I am very grateful for the positive response and appreciation that was generously shared. The slides walk through a process for developing a new website and concludes with a revealing design revision series. Your small biz website: Light the
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