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Search Marketing


The foundation of successful search marketing efforts start with an audit to answer primary questions.  What do we have? What is the quality, quantity and relative value of our current assets? What resources do we have (staff, funding, content, knowledge, time) and how much effort is required to make improvements that will make a difference?

On-page Optimization

Real estate agents advise to spruce up a house before putting it on the market. Fresh paint and mulch, removing unnecessary items and ensuring that everything is functioning optimally sells more houses. The same holds true for search marketing. The audit will reveal what is not functioning optimally and what needs to be removed or added. The basics in the code and the content (text, images, video, audio and more) need to be in place before pushing for more visitors.

Local Search Optimization

Your location can provide huge advantages in the search results when you leverage local search. Local citations, links from local organizations, maps, reviews, ratings, social can all be powerful optimization features. Consistently formatted name, address and phone number (NAP) in the major directories and on your site ensure the search engines know who you are.

Blog and Page Content Creation

Valuable content benefits your visitors. If you explain thoroughly something that they want, you might have a sale. Really valuable content will attract links to your pages and improve your rankings. Social sharing through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  make it very easy for word to spread about great new content.  We have coached and rewritten content for clients until they became independent. Contact us now.

Search Marketing

Each client and website or blog has unique strengths and needs. We are happy to review your current situation and help you determine where you can get the best bang for your buck in a strategic context that is sustainable.