The Growing Benefit of Local Search

Local Search

The picture above was created using Google Maps, zoomed in to individual buildings that are the shape of letters. Click on the image to visit the web site for the full effect. Pretty cool! Created by GeoGreetings.

Local search is geographically focused and growing

When a search is performed using local search the search results are limited to a geographical area, often a town or 20 miles from your address, for example.

Local search is expected to grow 80% between the years 2005 and 2009, according to Borrell Associates.

How can you position yourself to benefit from this growth? Increase your local presence on the Internet.

Grow your local search presence

Here are the first steps that I recently took.

I found a handful of directories that offer free listings. These directories allowed me to list my company information and a link to my web site; and one even let me add my logo.

Benefits of local directory listings

With each additional listing my company’s presence on the web grows. This provides another link at my web site and another way for customers to find me.

Local search directory suggestions

Below are links to the web sites that I used.

Google takes this a couple of steps further. Not only can you create a listing, you can also create a free advertisement and a free coupon which are presented on Google Maps.

Below is a linkable image of a local search on Google Maps for “domain name registration winchester ma”.

This is an example of how the Google Ad shows up in Google Maps search results.


In conclusion

Local search will continue growing in popularity.

Utilize the power of local search

We advise our clients to expand their local Internet presence by obtaining listings in local directories and local search engines.

JBS Partners can help

If you are presented with the opportunity to list in a local directory, but are unsure about the quality of the directory, send me an email and I will be happy to review the directory and share what I find with you.