Lunch with the High Rankings dynamic duo and guests

I gratefully accepted an open invitation for lunch from the folks at High Rankings. Why?

  1. They know SEO really well
  2. I like their style
  3. My schedule was open
  4. Travel distance is not an issue
  5. I might learn something
  6. Curious who they hoped would attend
  7. Needed to find out what this is all about

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Who was there?

There were definitely some interesting characters in the room. In fact we discovered that one fellow diner and I have a mutual friend and colleague. Hi Jeff.

Three of us work for ourselves, two with clients. Another guest recently was hired. All live within an hour’s drive of the High Rankings office. A relevant crowd, but I will leave it to Jill and Pauline to say how relevant.

What was discussed?

The current and past careers of each guest, speaking at conferences, Twitter, increase in local clients, domaining and some helpful advice on an upcoming project for my business. Nope, no great secrets. A lot of understanding SEO has to do with actually dispelling false information.

Would I go again?

Yes. And I would be more prepared with challenging questions, even if I had to solicit questions from my friends on Twitter.

True or False High Rankings SEO Quiz?

The High Rankings SEO Quiz

  1. Need to submit your URL to the search engines
  2. Frequent spidering helps rankings
  3. PPC ads will help organic rankings
  4. Sites are banned if they buy links
  5. Must use a specific keyword density
  6. Should have 250 words on each page
  7. Duplicate content will get your site penalized
  8. Validated code will rank better
  9. #1 Rankings always lead to increased traffic and sales
  10. Rankings will drop if you stop paying your SEO company

Answer if you get the first one right, you get them all right.