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Page Speed Optimization is Important

How fast your pages load is important to all visitors and therefor the major search engines.  Google even offers a range of tools to help you improve your page speed. That’s how important it is. Faster pages lead to more sales.

How Slow is My Site?

There are a range of tools that can be used to set a baseline of performance before beginning an optimization project.

These tools help you really dig in and focus on the improvements that will really make a difference.

Speed Slowdown Solution

Where can we look for speed optimization improvements?

  • Your web hosting server
  • Your CMS
  • Your configurations and settings
  • Your code
  • Your content
  • Your DNS provider

When you get into the solutions, you will find words and phrases like; DNS Lookups, HTTP requests, gzip compression, image size, redirects, broken links, image dimensions, CDN (content delivery network), and out of date software.

Speed Solution Scenario

A thriving local pest control company was seeing page load speeds of up to 6 seconds a page.   We provided an audit, determined where to focus and started optimizing.  The client was thrilled to see page load speeds under 2 seconds. If you pages are taking over 2 seconds to load, we would be happy to provide an audit to show you what kind of improvement is possible.