Twitter Tools to Share with your Followers

Twitter Tools: Below are a few of the Twitter related tools that I appreciate day-in and day-out on Twitter, whether I am mobile or on my desktop.

Retweet This – This GreaseMonkey script makes retweeting a snap on the web. Adds a nice little Retweet button to your Twitter webpage. Note, it inserts “Retweeting”. I edit this to the now standard and much shorter RT, instead of Retweeting.

When I take the time to figure out how to edit the source file, I will update it here. RT is better than Retweeting.


Search Twitter – Keep track of all mentions of your Twitter name.

The following syntax will limit the search to mentions of your name by other people only, thereby excluding your own tweets. In the following example, the username is fairminder. The search string means to exclude from the search the name fairminder when the mention is from fairminder, but search for all other mentions of fairminder.

-from:fairminder fairminder


Twittelator Pro for the iPhone – great tool

Not being entirely intuitive, here a few powerful tricks that I had to look up.

  • Reply = Tap once. On the next screen, tap the reply arrow at the top left.
  • Scroll down = tap the arrow in the footer.
  • Scroll all the way up = double tap the header, where the time is displayed.
  • ReTweet = touch and hold the screen. ReTweet and Copy Tweet options become available.
  • Add Follower = You meet someone IRL you want to follow. On the Accounts screen, click on <your twitter handle>’s Tweets. Mine says “Fairminder’s Tweets”. Double tap your own avatar (photo). Type the new Twitter name in the Follow field.

There is lots more help here;


Hashtags Add #redsox to the end of your RedSox tweets. Then use Twitter search, listed above, to quickly find all of the Tweets related to the RedSox. Sports games, conferences, meetups and other live events will often start the hashtags flying.


Twitter Karma is great for reviewing who you are following and who is following you. You may find folks that have not tweeted in three months and want to unfollow them. You may find folks you talk to regularly but you have not followed yet. Good information discovery tool.


A lot of folks love TweetDeck to create following groups.


TweetWorks provide awesome threaded conversations. I started the AllThingsWordPress group and we now have over 250 members helping each other. Very cool.


Free Twitter Background Designer: Create a custom background with images and text in a few minutes and upload it in your Twitter settings page.


What tools can you not live without?