PPC Management

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PPC Management

Campaign launch and management

Google AdWords PPC campaigns can be very valuable business drivers, when configured properly. Otherwise a campaign can be a worthless financial drain.  Your AdWords campaign configuration needs to be optimized from the start, from day parting to geo limits, from campaign structure to keyword groupings. But, first, do you have a product or service people are searching for and well written and properly designed landing pages that converts? We can help.

Campaign Audit and Optimization

You have an existing Google AdWords account and maybe have been running the campaign yourself until now. Or you want the confidence of knowing that the campaign is fully optimized before you double or triple your spend since things are looking good. We don’t have to run your campaign. We can audit the settings and configuration, tweak and optimize the campaign and turn it back over to you. If you are interested in Bing, Yahoo or other networks, we can help.

Conversion Tracking

Would you enjoy flying with a pilot in a storm with no instruments? Me either. But that is a legitimate comparison to using paid search with no conversion tracking in place. Instead of flying blind and spending handsomely for it, better to have the complete set of tools available to show where you have been, where you are and where you are headed. It’s not the clicks, page views or visitors. It is instead the sales that matter.

Campaign Testing and Optimization

Most piano tuners don’t crank the handle once on each note and leave it there. There is a bit of back and forth, some testing either side and then the decision that the true note has been found.  Then depending on conditions the process is repeated when tuning is required in the future. Your campaign also needs constant tuning and testing.  Can we improve conversions by altering the language on the ad? Can we reduce bid prices by altering the landing page? Constant optimization in a changing market gives you the best return on investment.

Landing Page Customization

The properly designed landing page provides an optimum buying environment for your visitor.  Choices are limited, objections are answered, the value is clear and next steps are obvious. For most, that description is like no other page or post.  This customized experience maximizes the potential benefit for your business. Employing A/B split testing is a proven method for seeing solid percentage point gains in conversions.  Contact us now.

Paid Search with Google AdWords

Paid search is a great way to grab immediate attention while developing your organic search plan.  A small campaign can provide valuable insights for your organic on page search efforts.  Google often offers $100 in free paid search.