Transfering Domain Names

Transferring your domain names should not be painful. But it is, especially because for many folks it is a once in a lifetime event.  I hope that this helps make your move less of a pain.

Rather than being completely agnostic as I would prefer, for the sake of clarity actual company names will be used instead of target registrar and source registrar.

This example will show how to transfer your domain name from to GoDaddy. (note: not a big fan of GoDaddy, but they can’t be ignored because of their domain registration market dominance)

Transfer Your Domain Name;

  1. Unlock your domain name at otherwise nothing will happen
  2. Be sure that you have access to the admin (Administrator) email account on file in your domain account. If needed update the admin email address
  3. It is advised to cancel your Privacy Protection, but I don’t know why
  4. Purchase a domain name transfer from GoDaddy – expires in 30 days. This purchase sends out an email with the Transaction ID and Security Code that you will need later
  5. Obtain the Auth (authorization) Code from via email
  6. Enter all there pieces of data at GoDaddy; Transaction ID, Security Code and Authorization Code
  7. The transfer can take 5 days to complete

These fundamental steps should be the same for other registrars, so get those domains moving.

You are welcome to transfer your domains with