SEDO’s Two Character Domain Name Auction

The two character .com and .net auction over at Sedo seems to be moving right along. As of this posting three domains have risen into the $100,000 range. Six to eight are in a range about half that price.

Two out of three of the domains at auction remain priced at $10,000 or below.

There are no .net domains priced over $11,000. The .com domain names are clearly the most desirable in this auction.

Reserves Not Met

I am surprised to see that only 5 our of the 31 domains have met the reserve price. And one is bid up to the lowest price of the auction, $1,000 for has a reserve of $500,000. Even though it has bid up and shows one of the highest bids, it is still well shy of the reserve price. seems like one of the most commercially viable generic names in the auction. Of course .com would be better, but for a current bid of almost $10,000, it is worth considering. One more bid and it meets the reserve price of $10,000.

Possible Buyers

Too bad the days of the P4 are over, or maybe the seller of might have interested Intel in that domain name for their Pentium processor.

I wonder if a major car manufacturer might be bidding on Scion, where are you? That would be a great marketing move. Think of the resale value of that domain even if the car gets canceled in a decade.

It is interesting that some of these domains are showing less than 100 visitors a month. Clearly their owners have not been developing this Internet Real Estate. Instead they buy and sell, while leaving the development to someone else.

Two Days Left - Click to visit SEDO auction page

Two Days Left – Click to visit SEDO auction page

Which is the most commercially viable domain name in the lot?
If half of the domains do not meet their reserves, is this auction a failure?

Please leave a comment below and share your insights and questions.

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