SEDO’s 2 Character .com and .net Auction

I don’t see two character .com and .net domains at auction very often, so this is fun for me to watch.

There are 31 domains in an auction that began today and will run for 6 more days.  It is interesting that the reserve prices range from $1 to $500,000. Already nearly all of the domains have met their reserve prices.

The Domains

Every domain has at least one bid on the first day of bidding. already has 24 bids, the most of all today. has 11 bids. Most  other domain names have one to five bids. has the highest bid of $85,000 has a bid of $30,000, which is the next highest

There are only 10 domains with a current bid price under $5,000

What, No Website?

Nearly all of these domains have no website and generally under a 100 inbound links.  Although one has over 8,000 inbound links.

This means that you are buying potential.  You are buying scarcity. You are buying Internet Real Estate.

These domains do not have operating websites with a developed revenue stream.  They may be parked (at SEDO of course) and earning a revenue stream on direct type in traffic converted via Google AdSense.

If I had the money would I love to own a 2 character domain name? Absolutely!


Day 1 of the Auction – click to visit SEDO site.

How Will it End?

Which domains will fetch the highest prices?

Which domains will garner the most bids?

Which domains won’t sell?

— What do you think?

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