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Additional Services

Web and Mobile Application Development

Some of the folks on our development team cut their teeth on enterprise development projects in the financial industry. For clients who need custom web or mobile app development and support with modern software languages we can build iOS apps, and develop using, JavaScript (JQuery, ExtJS etc.), PHP, Python (Django), Java, Ruby on Rails, Objective C, C# and C++. We have experience with Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and MongoDB databases.

Website and blog hosting

The web hosting server you choice makes a big difference to your business. We have worked with client’s on most major hosting providers and would be happy to explain the differences as we see them. We also have our own WordPress tuned server hosted in a professionally managed datacenter. We provide hosting to 50+ clients and host our own sites and email on the server.

Tiny projects

Your small project, done right can lead to larger projects with you or those you know. We are happy to answer questions or take on projects as simple as text edits that take 5 minutes. We love the web and Open Source software and are happy to help any time that we can. Many of our projects involve our team of professional developers and last weeks or months. But, we can always fit you in.

Company and Domain Naming

Incorporating and then buying a matching .com domain name worked in the 1990’s. Today it is a rare occurrence and attempts cause a lot of pain.  We provide flat fee company and domain name naming services to ensure you have the right foundation for your online efforts. Contact us now.

The “Can Do” Attitude

When trust is earned, “out of left field” requests are made.  In addition to our core design, development and marketing work we have helped clients in other areas.  Clients turned to us to install an office TCP/IP network, design and print a 3-color brochure,  make mailing house arrangements and write web page copy. We won’t leave you hanging.