Empire Avenue Resources

A continually growing list of off-site Empire Avenue resources around the web.

Empire Avenue Resources

The Official Resource Site

Empire Avenue’s list of blogs, videos and news – http://planet.empireavenue.com/



Robert Scoble’s interview with Dupes, the founder of Empire Avenue – from Apr 14, 2011, 52 min YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27dudRnM3RI&feature=player_embedded


Empire Avenue Chat on Twitter


What: @EAvChat Worldwide  Fun chat 4X a week about #EAv & Twitter
Days: Sun, Tues & Thurs
Time: 7pm ET
and Sun 7pm GMT
Hosts: with @Domino_Oracle & @mqtodd
Hashtag: #eavchat



Blogs – news, opinion, how to, guides

Blog posts about Empire Avenue with tips, new, discussion sand suggestions http://empirebuilding.net/

Blog posts with tutorials, videos and the newbie guide – http://empireavenuefans.com


Tools – rankings, ROI calculators, shareholder sorting

Great tool to check your stocks – http://setsocial.com/empireAvenue

Tool to help you track the best dividend earners – http://alethe.net/~k/eav/

Stock buying Recommendations from Team Zen http://teamzen.org/

Tool to find high dividend and high ROI stocks to buy – http://empireavenuetips.com/node/73519

Link that allows you to see account data about any stock. In the URL string just replace fairminder with the stock name you are interested in. Useful to see how many shares someone owns in you.  http://www.empireavenue.com/fairminder/portfolio/quickview?display=fb&mode=profile -



Facebook Pages / Groups

Empire Avenue Facebook Application - http://apps.facebook.com/empireavenue/

X Bar – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_215923051760153

Team Zen – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_160861073976561


Do you have a favorite resource for Empire Avenue? Share it here or leave a comment about the links above.  If you want to join Empire Avenue here is a link.


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