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JBS Partners, founded in 2002 in Winchester, MA, USA , works along with existing and prospective web site owners to meet their client’s needs on the Internet through web site design and marketing.


Jim in NevisThe name of the company was created with my wife Barbara in mind, although she now works full-time planning parties at the Country Club. The J and the S stand for Jim Spencer.

The photo on the left was taken in Nevis, West Indies in the summer of 2005. We lived there for 4 years in the early 90′s and decided to take the kids there to see the islands. It is still beautiful and full of some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean.

Partners - We have a couple of Partners – clients and colleagues:


Clients - We partner with our clients. Clients appreciate a consultative approach, as a trusted advisor, that allows us to structure projects to meet their requirements, and not a “one size fits all” vending machine approach.

Each of our web sites is hand-made by combining our clients vision with our experience and creativity. Just ask Chris. He has the first word on the testimonials page.

Colleagues - We are fortunate to work with a range of colleagues whose availability and expertise in graphic design, web and print production, custom programming, writing, photography, PPC, SEO and other specialties match varying client requirements. Our colleagues appreciate the new ideas, collaborative approach and satisfaction of working with JBS Partners and our clients.

The name JBS Partners combines the important concepts of family, clients and colleagues.

The local newspaper, The Winchester Star, published a brief profile entitled Jim Spencer web entrepreneur if you want to read a bit more about Jim.

John Cass asked me to comment on a social media adoption in the US grocery industry infograpahic. My response has been posted on his blog http://pr.typepad.com/pr_communications/2010/09/jim-spencers-take-on-shopper-social-media-marketing.html I was impressed that a handful of grocery chains had jumped into video because it can be a more expensive and challenging medium to work with.

Ethical Guidelines


JBS Partners operates with strong ethical principles. We carefully consider the industries that we support with our talents and the talents of our colleagues. We also do our best to conduct business in a way that is honorable and morally sound. And we deliver our recycling to the transfer station every week. We call it the dump though. Are you recycling paper, plastic, glass, metal and yard waste?

Primary Services include:


  1. New web site design
    1. Existing web site text updates, tweaks and redesigns
    2. Blog and Content Management System (CMS) installation WordPress and Etomite
    3. Blogs
  2. Custom programming
    1. PHP – custom ordering program for a magazine company
    2. Google Maps – custom map representing client locations for an outdoor lighting company. DayLite
    3. a bit of Flash usually very low-key
  3. Domain Names
    1. Domain name registration and renewal – links to our domain name store.
    2. Selecting the right domain name – links to our article about selecting the right domain name.
    3. Domaining – Acquiring expensive domain names in the after-market for clients
  4. Website Hosting
    1. Dedicated server in a professionally managed data center
    2. Host web sites, blogs, forums, bulletin boards, video and audio and more
  5. Key Word Research
  6. Link Building
  7. Professional copy writing, including main text, headlines, slogans and tag lines
  8. Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising
  9. Custom e-newsletter design and distribution through Constant Contact
  10. Photography – professional photographers and online photo research

We have also provided the following services

  1. Logo design
  2. Print Newsletter design and production
  3. Four color brochure design and printing
  4. PayPal payment integration
  5. Merchant Services – accepting credit cards online and offline

Our Clients – geographically

JBS Partners is located in Winchester, MA near the intersection of Mystic Valley Parkway and Bacon Streets and just 3 blocks from Symmes Corner.

As you might expect we  offer website design and maintenance services to many business right here in Winchester, MA.

We have also been called by clients in the immediately surrounding Massachusetts towns of Lexington, Woburn, Medford, Burlington, Belmont, Arlington.

We also have clients in a number of Massachusetts cities and towns, including:

Boston, East Boston, Brookline, Charlestown, Canton, Danvers, Dorchester, Dover, Easton, Lowell, Franklin, Gloucester, Jamaica Plain, Mendon, Needham, Newton, North Reading, Norfolk, Norwood,  Peabody, Stoughton, Waltham, Walpole, Westin, Wellesley, Wilmington, Woburn.

Outside of Massachusetts, we have served custom website design clients in the following areas;

  1. Glendale, AZ,
  2. Chandler, AZ
  3. Tuscon, AZ
  4. Los Angeles, CA
  5. Milpitas, CA
  6. Norco, CA
  7. Riverside, CA
  8. Orange, CA
  9. Yorba Linda, CA
  10. San Diego, CA
  11. Woodcrest, CA
  12. Rocky Hill, CT,
  13. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  14. Palm Beach, FL
  15. Miami, FL
  16. Chicago, IL
  17. Grand Rapids, MI
  18. Durham, NH
  19. Somerville, NJ
  20. Albuquerque, NM,
  21. Groveport, OH
  22. Providence, RI,
  23. Pauleys Island, SC
  24. Austin, TX
  25. Dallas, TX
  26. Bartlett, TN
  27. Madison, WI


  1. Dover, England
  2. Binchester, Canada
  3. Dubai, UEA

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