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Law Offices of Christopher R. DeAgazio, P.C.

real estate and business law website“Now that my website (www.crdlegal.com) has gone “live”, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous efforts towards bringing this project to life.

As you know, I had been thinking about building a website for quite some time, and although I had some general thoughts on how it should look and feel, I struggled with translating those thoughts into reality. Your process to draw my thoughts out of me can only be described as “nurturing”.

By taking the time to learn about my business, my philosophies, my current client base and the clients I wished to attract, you were able to understand my vision of what the website was to project to the public about myself. Throughout the design process, you consistently listened to my suggestions, instead of convincing me that your decisions were the correct ones. Then, instead of simply implementing my directions, you took the time to seek out the rationale behind my thoughts, and once you discovered the issue my comments were meant to solve, you were invariably able to offer a superior idea.

Now, when I look at my website, I genuinely feel that it is an exact representation of those long-ago random thoughts in my head as to what my on-line presence should look and feel like. And I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Jim, you are a true professional. Your company, your attitude, your experience and your product are all of the highest quality and, together, translated into an extremely enjoyable experience for me. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Very truly yours,
Christopher R. DeAgazio
Law Offices of Christopher R. DeAgazio, P.C.
Burlington, MA

Heritage Lawns

lawn care and landscaping website“My web site looks great! Thanks again for a wonderful job designing and implementing my new website at Heritagelawns.com.”

Jim Leszuk -
Owner and president
Heritage Lawns.
Plainville, CT

When Mom’s Happy…

author's webpage“Dear Jim,

Anne, Katrin and I wanted to thank you so much for all of your support during the creation of our web project whenmomshappycom. You have been there for us every step of the way!

We really enjoyed having you be our sounding board for new ideas pumping through our business and for your wonderful fresh ideas regarding our concept and most specifically the navigational elements of the project. In addition, we really appreciate all the work you did regarding our domain name choice, our e-mail choice and our hosting selection. From soup to nuts you knew what you were doing and you helped us all the way along. I would recommend you to any one in need of any help all the way from the strategy phase to the final implementation phase.

What is amazing is not only did you get involved with the technical aspects of our project (which is what we signed you up for) but also you were a tremendous help in finalizing our message and strategy (which we needed emergency help in) in order for our project to get to the technical phase. We were so pleased at how quickly you got up to speed on our business needs and our strategy and that you were able to point out some real significant needs that we had either never thought about or that we had completely missed. You were invaluable in the process from beginning to the end (and you ended up saving us a lot of extra time in the end!)

Jim, thank you for your intuitive approach, your patience and your positive attitude towards our project and towards us. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are really looking forward to phase II! Please feel free to have any potential clients contact us for a reference. We would be happy to talk to anyone and answer any questions they might have.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon again!”

Susan C. Callahan

Anne K. Nolen

Katrin Shumann

Unique Foreign Auto Care

unique foreign auto care boxes

“I am taking the time to thank you personally for the magnificent work and setup on my web site. I am really happy with the results. It is not just a nice picture or another web site.As you know, there are too many of those out there. This one really performs and produces new customers.

The site gets a lot of hits. No matter how you request the site, I am always at the top of the page or on the first page.Jim,I have had other web sites and they have done nothing for me. With one web site, I can not remember anyone mentioning my web site. I paid real good money for the setup and design, but it made me no money and produced no calls and it was very hard to find.

In the past, I also advertised with AOL Yellow Pages. I installed an 800 number to keep track of the response. In 14 months we received only one phone call. I also had one page website with another company. It took me 15 minutes to find my own web page. With the new site that you built me, in the last year, I have had more than 20 new paying customers mention that they found me through the new web site.

Well Jim, I wanted to let you know what a good job you have done for me and my company and what a great response I get from the web site.”

Lots of thanks to you,
Michael A Sciarra
Unique Foreign Auto Care
Wilmington, MA

iCan International

Dear Jim,

As you know I am a serial entrepreneur, with a habit that would probably frustrate any lesser web hosting service. Fortunately you are able to keep pace with my incessant creation of new web site domain names, more and more complex affiliations, and the myriad connections between those various online properties.

We have dumped a steady stream of requirements and special requests into your inbox and voicemail at all hours of the night and day, and you always respond with the most amazing sensitivity to our business needs and with smart, well-considered suggestions and solutions.

JBS Partners has helped us through all of our web efforts including negotiating a four figure deal to acquire, and then migrate to, a new corporate domain name, multiple hosting accounts, arresting spam and setting up custom DNS configurations. You are always focused on helping us achieve our aim in everything that we do to attract business using the Internet.

When everything’s going well with domain hosting, our hosting provider never crosses our mind. As soon as there is trouble, our hosting provider is suddenly center stage. You effortlessly move into that spotlight and solve issues with grace and efficiency.

Jim, your real value-add for us has been the talents you bring to the table beyond the great web hosting. You have a high level of web marketing savvy that repeatedly shows itself as you begin working on domain naming recommendations, suggesting business approaches and providing input on structure and process.

I highly recommend JBS Partners for any hosting, Internet marketing and online business needs.

In Harmony,

Jon Forrest

CEO  http://www.iCANinternational.com
President www.iCANmedia.tv
Director  www.iCANalliance.com
Author  www.StayCALMthebook.com

European Horse Trade

JBS Partners has helped my business grow and reach new clients better with their expertise in website design and Internet marketing.

From designing my first and second websites, to managing my Google AdWords campaigns, Jim has worked hard to understand my business, which is not easy for someone who is not “into” horses!

As a business owner, I value the quality and quick communications from JBS Partners and their commitment to grow my business using the Internet and all of its possibilities.

My new professional website generates a lot of leads with a nice percentage becoming actual sales.

Divorce Collaborative

I worked with Jim (JBS Partners) for a new site and blog, including support and consulting after the project was completed.

Jim’s search marketing and design work was fast, focused and effective.  As a result of both his project work and ongoing consulting I now get approximately 70% of my new business from our website.  These clients are familiar with our services before they even come in, and frequently comment about how they found the site helpful.

Jim explained how location, spacing, color and other design elements effect the user experience and guided us to a design that put our best foot forward.  His search marketing guidance and implementation were highly targeted thanks to his careful keyword research, and we see very good results.

Jim’s client service and response time is fantastic.  I am a night-owl, and Jim would even respond to emails late at night.


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